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At MWD, we have over thirty-seven years of experience managing integrated direct marketing fundraising programs, from acquisition to high-dollar fundraising, from regional non-profits to large national organizations. Our direct marketing fundraising programs have enabled our clients to build membership and donor bases yielding well over $1 billion dollars in support of their work.

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To make a significant contribution to the quest for world peace, social justice, and environmental quality;

To furnish our clients with cost-effective service of the highest quality—honoring not just our contractual obligations but also the concerns we share for the importance of their work;

To maintain our reputation for responsiveness, technical skill, creativity, resourcefulness, honesty, commitment to principle, and understanding of our clients' goals and needs—by demonstrating these qualities in all our dealings with them;

To take sufficient profits in order to generate cash reserves and capital for innovation and growth, as well as a fair return to investors; and

To provide employees with fair pay and benefits, a pleasant and rewarding work environment, and opportunities to participate in exciting and meaningful work as well as to acquire valuable job skills.

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Social and economic justice: Since our founding in 1979 we have consistently sought out as clients nonprofit causes and institutions, candidates, and political committees that are dedicated to fostering social and economic justice.

Environmental action: From the time of our incorporation in 1983, we have actively taken steps to minimize the company's environmental footprint and to urge our vendors and service providers to do so, too.

Fairness in the workplace: For decades, we have worked to promote fairness in the workplace by equalizing company-wide profit-sharing among all full-time employees, by contributing as generously as possible to our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (which is now the company's majority owner), and by fostering diversity and inclusion from top to bottom.

Superlative client service: In an industry where it is standard practice for companies like ours to assign inexperienced young employees to learn on the job as "consultants," with senior staff members preoccupied by other matters, we have consistently entrusted our clients' fundraising and marketing programs to teams actively led by senior executives with many years of experience.

Giving back to our community: We acknowledge how our neighbors and our professional peers have helped make our success possible—by contributing financially to community organizations in both cities where our offices are located, and by dedicating the time of senior executives to provide leadership in professional organizations, to teach at fundraising conferences and workshops, to publish case studies and insightful articles about our work both in print and online, and to offer pro bono service to nonprofit organizations that cannot afford our fees.

Executive Leadership

Mwosi Swenson


President and CEO

Dave Dogan


Senior Vice President

Christina Chavez


Vice President, Finance

Melissa Ford


VP | Dir of DC Operations

Eric Overman


VP, Integration

Peter Schoewe


VP | Dir of Analytics

Account Leadership

Nick Garcia


Sr Account Executive

Victoria Heckler


Sr Account Executive

Wendy Marinaccio Husman

Marinaccio Husman

Account Director

Gunther Korshak


Sr Account Executive

Jonathan Locy


Sr Account Executive

Amanda MacCullough


Sr Account Executive

Tiffany Reed


Account Director

Christine Shilosky


Account Director

Kate Sienicki


Sr Account Executive

Michael Stein


Sr Account Executive

Account Team

Leigh Corrigan-Owens, Account Executive

Stephanie Drahan, Account Executive

Katie Dunne, Account Executive

Erik Eaves, Senior Production Manager

Julia Gerhardt, Account Manager

Jessica Getty, Account Executive

Jack Hilson, Account Executive

Aerris Hoskin, Account Manager

Jennifer Kaigler, Senior Account Manager

Will Kraiger, Account Executive

Jan Rossberg, Account Executive

Cynthia Shirling, Production Coordinator

Melanie Smith, Account Manager

Sabrina Sutton Naylor, Client Services Executive

Amirah Tyler, Account Manager

Account Support

Angelo Benavides, IT Manager

Brenda Chow, Senior Designer

Scott Crowningshield, Web Developer

Matt Fender, Web Developer

Gina Fontana, Analytics Assistant

Jesse Kelsey, Senior Web Developer

Glenda Lara, Planner | Analyst

Niya Lenzen-Farmer, List & Data Manager

Monica McCartney, Accounting Clerk

Amanda Melton, Director of H/R & Administration

Michelle Miller, Accounting Clerk

Dell Milton, Digital Designer

Margo Nelson, Senior Analyst & Programmer

Ratih Sulaiman, Lettershop Manager

Julie Weidenbach, Director of Print & IT Solutions

Our Board

Mal Warwick, Chairman & Founder

Mwosi Swenson, President & CEO

Jeffrey Barney

Martha Belcher

Paul Hammond, Ex Officio

Allison Kelly

Sherri Q. Pittman

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